Parents going wrong!

Yes, you read it correct. We go wrong plenty of times. We make mistakes more than our kids do! We may not like to admit it but that’s the truth. Our egos have become higher and sense has drooped way below our knees. It’s embarrassing when I find my son behaving in a manner more mature than me. This happens quite often to be honest!

Aren’t we supposed to act with wisdom and experience? Why is it that we become adamant in making them believe in what we’ve grown up believing? How can we expect our children to be on their Good behaviour if we won’t act our age?

Where parents go wrong,

  • Don’t laugh off every mistake your kids commit. That’s where you need to intervene and tell them that they are wrong. I’ve seen parents laughing when their kids become discourteous towards their elders or grandparents or throw tantrums when they receive gifts they don’t like. If you don’t stop them there and then, it is going to encourage such negative behaviour. Never reinforce their uncalled-for actions and if you do, it makes you accountable for their rude demeanour.
  • Avoid discussing family politics in front of the kids. It can be highly damaging for their mind. Children are like sponges and they express curiosity towards everything. We as parents need to filter our topics so our kids retain their innocence and purity of mind and heart. Let them love and be loved by all. Don’t take away their share of warmth that they deserve from others! Speak good about everyone in the family and teach them to respect all. Let them make up their own judgements about people. Don’t pollute their minds. Our tiny riots are forever on a lookout, so be vigilant even if they are busy in something else while you are backbiting someone. Why should they not like someone just because you dislike them? Give them space to bloom into individuals with a heart of gold.
  • Fights and arguments between parents affects the sense of security of their children. Never drag your animosity towards each other anywhere near them. It adversely affects the relations their kids share with them and others. It is also detrimental for their emotional and social well being since all they hear all day long are abuses and negative words by their parents. Hold on your anger when kids are around and vent it out behind the closed doors.
  • Don’t think you can make up for the time you didn’t spend with them by buying them presents. These tender hearts need love and care. How can you substitute both of these with money? Give them your time. Make them feel that you have their back.
  • Stop complimenting and praising them for everything they do. Let’s not make them dependent on acknowledgments and appreciation. They need to learn to accept failure and more importantly the fact that they can go wrong as well. Unnecessary accolades will make them anti criticism.
  • Avoid going that extra mile to keep them busy all the time. Let them be bored so they find out ways to entertain themselves creatively. They should learn to enjoy their company than looking out for external support at all times.

These pointers were just a glimpse of our farrago of missteps. We certainly are capable of more! We as parents are gifted wrong-doers though we may not like to accept it.

P.S It’s time we step into the right shoes and start behaving like grown ups. Let’s not blame our kids of not living upto our expectations. They are perfectly doing their job of following our steps!

Happy parenting 😎