Experiences over Information

It is extremely important that we provide our kids with a life full of experiences. That’s the only way they would learn live and love to learn. Our sole priority these days seems to be focused on textbook learning. This is good from examination point of view but won’t instill in them the passion to know more.

Life is the best teacher and we (parents and the teachers) should act as facilitators and mentors instead of imposing ourselves on them. The schools need to understand this crucial aspect if they want their students to grow into enlightened citizens of the country. The world doesn’t need more bookworms. We need the future generation to be wise and to contemplate about the world from a broader prospective than through the pages of their books.

Take them for visits to museums while teaching history. Show them different topographic differences by arranging short trips to places, when you teach them geography. Organise debates or school elections each time you take up a chapter of political science. Let’s not make our kids couch potatoes. Let them move around, feel and experience things rather than just reading about them.

In my experience, a test is not going to prepare your child for a job, his hands-on experience certainly would. You should not be making your kids sacrifice dance, music or an arts class just to complete two more chapters of science. Don’t snub them when they ask you questions, just because you want to get done with your correction work. Encourage innovation, inquisitiveness and passion towards gaining more knowledge.

The children should not be reading and finishing worksheets after worksheets on different layers of soil. Let them sit outside and feel the soil. Let them see it with their own eyes to understand the concept better. Ask them to interview elderly people in their areas to understand the indian independence through their true stories. The students should be able to see a direct connection of what they study to their own lives.

Cramming up theories is not all, the kids need to be taught about applying those theories in their normal lives! When they see what they read, their understanding widens and retaining power increases. The teachers should use various kinds of aids in classes like real life objects or activities than just textbooks to make the learning engaging.

Parents, teachers and the school authorities should have a common goal for the kids. They should work as a team in offering their children the best of the experiences. It’s time we stop playing this blame game of whose responsibility the kids are or who’s supposed to inculcate in them the right values and knowledge. We all our accountable for the way our future generation acts and behaves. Let’s be one in nurturing them into humans who love and understand the world they live in. They should be made to work as closely as possible with real life situations so that they can deal with the actual problems efficiently!

I am not arguing against books. Theory is also a pivotal part of education but experiences make this journey worthwhile. There should be a balance between both the aspects so the gap between what they study and what they see gets reduced. Move them out if their cocoons and let them explore and interpret the world as it is!