Things I learnt from my Mr.4

My son is four and a half and the things I’ve learnt from him so far are way more significant in life than what I knew. I have always believed in the power of learning and have never shrugged off the little pieces of suggestions or information I get from people, be it the younger ones or the experienced! I will always be a curious learner, whether I’d be 40 or 80 and that’s what I am going to teach my son.

There is so much that we can learn from our kids. They are the best teachers because they don’t teach you what’s in the books but bring you closer to life through their actions and attitude towards things which can cast an indelible mark on your thought process. That’s what happened with me and it continues. Everyday is an enlightening experience and it makes me a wiser person than I was.

He has taught me to forgive and forget. Each time I scold him or stop him from doing something, he gets angry for a couple of minutes and then forgets what happened in a blink. He becomes the same old loving boy who hugs and kisses me all the time! How we adults drag our tiffs for years and ruin our age old relations. Talk it out and make up. Life is too short to accommodate our egos and that sulky face.

He has taught me to be myself and stop bothering about what others think about me. A child’s life is so uncomplicated. They do what they want to. They follow their heart. I watch him playing or doing random things, least bothered about what’s going around him. He does things that please him while we do things to please others. 70% of our time is wasted in thinking what our friends or family would say! We forget that this is our life, not theirs. Every time I wanted to go watch a movie or have a day out with my friends without my son, I would drive myself crazy assuming how the family would react. I am trying to work on it. We need to make ourselves happy because we deserve it. Those others will forever do what they have to so you do what you are supposed to. Stop pestering yourself.

He taught me not to judge others. Kids are so pure at heart. They will never divide people on the basis of their colour, background or lifestyle. Everyone is equal in their eyes unless you ingrain in them the fact that they are supposed to judge people on a specific basis. Although I’ve never judged people but my son reinforced my belief. Passing comments or gossiping about how someone looks or behaves is a by product of small minds. Our natural inclination is towards acceptance but it is only because of the wrong conditioning that we behave in unacceptable ways and hold tight the false concepts of division.

He has taught me to live in the present. The other day he wanted to stay at a shopping mall for longer but it was getting late so we headed back home. How disappointed he was and then as we came back home he realised he had left his favourite toy in the mall. It was a small block of Lego. There was no point going back all the way. He was disheartened. He used to carry that block everywhere. He slept with tears in his eyes. The next day he woke up and I dreaded his crankiness. I told everyone not to mention anything about the previous day. To our surprise, he woke up happier than the previous morning. It was as if someone had cast a spell on him. He had forgotten everything and started his new day with enthusiasm and positive energy. We cling on to our past and run after our plans for the future while stomping on our present. We regret and calculate. Every moment brings newer opportunities of growth and fun. Try something new everyday and unleash this unparalleled source of happiness- living in the present.

He continues to teach me and I will always be indebted to him for these moments of self reflection and illumination.

P.S His student today till forever