Happy New year, Son!

It’s that time of the year

When euphoria sneaks in

And gratitude oozes unconditionally

Ushering in the new times gleefully

I carry along a storehouse of dreams

Where you are the leading man

So much I want to tell you

Before we bid this year an adieu

Remember, you are my sunshine

So walk tall even when your hopes fall

Believe and tread through the darkness

Into the light of bliss and success

Don’t you fear the unknown

Don’t you stew over the past

I have your back now and forever

Always there to pull you together

Life is lovelier than you think

Only if you smile all the way

It’s all in our heart and mind

So speak good and be kind

Walk, stumble, fall and rise

With a conviction so firm

I know you’ll make it to the crest

Even if not, you’ll still be my best

Your faith can move mountains

Your humility can win hearts

Turn your face towards the sun

Your journey to miracles has just begun

Your life belongs to you

Go on and explore its essence

Feel the music and sway

Keep those bitter at bay

Listen from your heart not ears

Spread love and not tears

Embrace life and not things

Soar high with your wings