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I have always been a child who’d run to a doctor for every problem, be it a cough, cold or just a tiny cut on my finger. My father is a doctor, so, ofcourse!! Doctors want to cure their kids in no time, so the moment I used to say “Dad, my throat”, he would pop a pill into my mouth without even letting me complete! He is a magical doctor though, Amen!

On the contrary, when I became a mother, I adopted a polar approach. I wanted to take care of my son using natural remedies. I didn’t want him to become dependent on medicines. Adultration and pollution are on the increase these days so kids are bound to fall prey to the toxins every now and then. We can’t keep feeding them medicinal drugs so often. They are only going to make their immune system weak.

This is why I always go in for home remedies over anything else as long as minor ailments are concerned.

Ill be sharing some of the tried and tested cures that work wonders for my son. Have a look ⬇

  • Cold- I give him Eggnog 15 to 20 minutes before sleep so he gets time to digest it (especially during winters). You have to make sure not to give your child anything else after that. Let the concoction work on him overnight. Take a thick bottomed pan and pour a glass of milk in it. As the mill begins to get warm (not boiling), add a beaten egg and stir it. Keep stirring at medium flame because you don’t want the egg to become an omlette. Stir well till the milk and egg blend and the smell of the egg is almost nil. Add 1 tsp full of sugar and vanilla essence and stir again. This takes almost 15 minutes. Basically you are not supposed to let the egg remain raw. Pour the eggnog in a mug and serve it immediately. It is a healthy drink which comforts the child or even adults from the cold. I also put a steamer on, in my bedroom every time he sleeps (twice a day) for at least 30 minutes each. Add a few drops eucalyptus oil to water and nothing else. Keep the doors and windows closed. I have heard of so many cases of kids getting burns because of the steam when parents try to make them do it the way adults do. Place a steamer as a safe distance at a lower level than the bed where your child is sleeping. If your child is allergic to menthol, camphor or things with strong essence, plain water steam would work just fine. Spoonfuls of syrups for cold would only make them sleep like a rock half of the day. You should always give them warm liquids like chicken/vegetable soup, jalebi (an indian dessert) warmed up in milk in addition to foods with lots of vitamin C.
  • Upset tummy– The most important thing that I do in case of diarrhoea is that I don’t starve him. I feed him with small portions at regular intervals. These small portions can be anything from 2-3 glucose biscuits, curd with salt and black pepper, a toasted slice of brown bread with a thin layer of butter, rice with curd, coconut water or tea with carom seeds-fennel seeds and less milk and sugar. I give him eltrolyte solution and probiotics since they promote a healthy digestive system. Starving to cure a loose stomach will only end up making the kids weak and highly low on energy.

  • Constipation1 tsp of honey with lukewarm water before sleep, porridge with milk and sugar or baked beans for breakfast, papaya, 1 tsp of fennel seeds boiled in a glass of water and then cooled a little before drinking, exercises like cycling or brisk walking to trigger bowel movement, lubricating the anus with warm mustard oil and increased intake of fluids throughout the day, are some of the best home treatments for treating constipation.
  • Chest congestion– Congestion often leads to dehydration and dryness so I give him warm fluids like water, clear soups throughout the day (smaller quantity). Turmeric milk also helps in relieving the child. I ensure that his pillow is raised each time he sleeps to avoid nose from getting blocked in addition to turning the steamer on nearby with water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil within the closed doors.
  • Cough– Kids keep falling prey to cough every other day. It is certainly not healthy to give them cough syrups so often. Throat infections are a common problem these days due to numerous pollutants in air. I give turmeric milk to my child with 1/2 tsp turmeric in a glass of milk before sleep. Turmeric has anti inflammatory, viral and bacterial properties. Warm water with a tsp of honey right after waking up or a cup of spiced tea which includes cinnamon, cloves and ginger work as a perfect obstacle in the path of cough. Another way to prevent your child from coughing is to make him gargle with warm water mixed with 1/2 tsp salt 3-4 times a day.
  • High fever– Popping a tablet of paracetamol in their mouth in case of high grade fever shouldn’t be the first step. Place a wet cloth which was dipped in ice cold water on their forehead, hands and feet till you don’t see a marked difference in their body temperature for good. Give a bath with lukewarm water. Remove a few layers of clothes from their body. Keep the room temperature cool and also give them lots fluids. Once their body has reasonably cooled down, then give them a paracetamol.

There is one rule of thumb for curing almost every medical problem in the world, water! It’s a miracle treatment for most of the ailments. Put your kids in the habit of drinking lots of water throughout the day. It would not only keep their bowel movements regular which is the root cause for common diseases, but also keep their skin glowing!

If the symptoms of these diseases persist for more than 3 days even after giving them these home remedies, consult your pediatrician. Don’t remain fixated to the idea of treating your child on your own for long. You are not a doctor at the end of the day!

Try these remedies and also add in some more from your experience in the comments below!

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Eeha Rampal- A creative writer, poet, dreamer, English language trainer, an experimental cook and a mother! No job beats being a full time mother. Its the most significant responsibility and a blessing. Post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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